Rat Page

Okay this is shows to angles on from the side where I put the plywood door and other from the right side of that. I found another dead rat so that meant that rats were still getting in. So by accident I found where they were still getting in by the sunlight getting in also. Anyway the plywood did cover the main access, but it seems that this is why there is a peace of metal gutter laying there, the old owners put it there in an attempt to keep the rats out but it doesn’t work because the rats just

squeeze through it. The only way to completely stop them is to poor concrete under this peace of gutter to block theĀ  hole. The gutter is just laying there and doesn’t really keep anything out. It was so covered with crap I didn’t realize there was a gaping hole there.

Okay as you can see here. So I am not physically able to do take care of this problem. it will take concrete and mixing it and pooring it. Probably only two or three bags. probably one bag would do it but who knows how much of it will drain into the hole. I didn’t want to uncover it because that would just make the hole bigger and we already are having a rat problem. The reason for sending the pics is so you would have some idea of the issue.

Already there is a new rat. I will set a new trap today.